This song and video created in honor of all victims, families of school shootings.

The time is now - LET’S RISE for our children. LET’S RISE for our lives!

Stats on School Shootings 239 school shootings nationwide since Sandy Hook 2012

Music Video Production: Directed and Produced by Michelle Esrick Produced by Keith Garde Cinematographer Kirsten Johnson Editor Adam Yaffe Co-Producer / Associate Editor Emily Cohn Second Camera / Production Assistant Jamie Perry Colorist - Charlie Rokosny - Final Frame Special thanks to Will Cox, Drew Kilgore, Caitlin Tartaro - Final Frame Song Production “Let’s Rise” © Glenn Dinofer 2018 "Let's Rise”- Created and written by Glenn Dinofer Co-written by: Josh Bonilla Jasmina Daniello Ben Joseph Vernon Roman Britton Performed by Josh Bonilla Roman Britton Justin Calderon Jasmina Daniello Ben Joseph Vernon Additional vocals by: Austin James Executive Producers: Keith Garde Glenn Dinofer Producer Keith Garde Co-Produced and Mixed at Spirithouse Music, Northampton, MA by Danny Bernini and Paul McNamara Co-Producers: Maria Krajewski Alex Falk Randy Rolin Very Special Thanks to Bonnie Milner - Co-founder and Executive Director of the Clean Green Music Machine and owner of the legendary Long View Farm Studio, who elevated this project at its very outset with her incredible sense of beat, voice and heart for our time.